Wool rugs: historically luxurious

When we started redecorating I was thinking about putting in rugs because our daughter was growing up and I wanted to reduce the chances of her getting hurt while playing. As I was checking out what was available in stores I learned about the benefits of the most sought after rugs. Wool rugs have been used for thousands of years because of the quality of the fibre.

It does not get we while absorbing humidity from the room and because of the density of the wool used the colours last for ages. We decided to buy wool rugs for our home and even bought a big one for the garden area. They are also great outdoor rugs that contribute to getting less dirt into the house and keeping it clean.

There is a reason people still use wool rugs even now, after centuries, after all the progress made when it comes to home building. It’s because they are not only tasteful but also long lasting, warm and affordable.

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